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Treatment for abdominal tumors can be very complex, especially if the cancer has spread to the liver, pancreas, colon or other internal organs. Surgical tumor removal is the gold standard of abdominal cancer treatment, but the success rate can depend on combining the surgery with chemotherapy treatments. One of the advanced abdominal tumor treatments Dr. Dmitri Alden offers is the placement of an intrahepatic chemotherapy pump to provide direct chemo to the liver and internal organs.

What Is a HAI Pump for Chemo?

Hepatic arterial infusion (HAI) pumps, or intrahepatic chemotherapy pumps, are the size of a hockey puck and designed to be placed inside the abdomen. These small pumps can deliver chemo medications directly to the liver. The HAI pump can be placed at the same time as a liver tumor removal surgery, or it may be placed in hope of shrinking a liver tumor before it can be removed.

Placement of an intrahepatic chemotherapy pump is an advanced treatment for primary or metastasized liver cancer. The pump is inserted in the abdomen under the skin below the ribs and is connected to the hepatic artery. The hepatic artery feeds the liver, and in turn, the tumor and cancer cells. Adding the chemotherapy HAI pump can deliver medication directly to the source of the cancer for improved results.

Intrahepatic chemotherapy pumps are not a replacement for systemic chemo, but an additional treatment. Studies performed on liver cancer patients have shown that use of the chemo HAI pump can extend the lifespan expectancy substantially over patients who only receive systemic chemotherapy after their liver metastases removal surgery. Dr. Alden utilizes this treatment for patients who can benefit from adjuvant procedures to fight their colorectal and liver cancer.

Fighting abdominal tumors can be a long battle, but there are advanced treatments that can increase your chance of success. Dr. Dmitri Alden has an arsenal of advanced procedures for pancreas, colon, bile duct and liver cancer treatment. To learn more about HAI pump chemo treatment and whether it may be right for you, contact the office of Dr. Alden in UES New York City.

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