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The gallbladder is a small organ near the stomach that is used to store bile. Cancer of the gallbladder is rare, but when it does occur, treatment in the early stages is the best chance for recovery. Knowing the symptoms and risk factors can help detect this disease early for the best patient outcome. Dr. Dmitri Alden is one of the top oncological surgeons in NYC who offers gallbladder cancer treatment.

Causes and Symptoms of Gallbladder Cancer

While there is not a clear cause of gallbladder cancer, there are risk factors. Women are more likely than men to obtain this type of cancer and it is more common in older adults. Other risks include a history of gallstones and other gallbladder diseases. Bile duct inflammation or blockages may also increase the risk of gallbladder cancer.

Most people do not have symptoms with gallbladder cancer until the late stages. However, there are symptoms that can alert patients to the possibility of disease, including:

  • Pain in the upper right abdomen
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Bloating or swelling in the abdomen
  • Yellowing skin or eyes (jaundice)

Diagnosing gallbladder cancer can be achieved with blood testing for liver function and advanced imaging tools to detect masses or abnormalities in the organ. If gallbladder cancer is detected, diagnostic techniques are used to determine the stage and treatment. Stages range from one to four, with stage one as the earliest and stage four as the most progressed.

Gallbladder removal surgery, or cholecystectomy, is used with all stages of gallbladder cancer, but other treatments may be required with later stages. A liver resection surgery may be needed if the cancer spread, as well as chemotherapy, radiation, drug therapy or immunotherapy. Prognosis for gallbladder cancer is good when detected in the early stages and treatment is begun right away.

If you have symptoms of gallbladder cancer or you have already received a diagnosis, contact the office of Dr. Dmitri Alden in New York City. Dr. Alden is a highly respected oncological surgeon and gallbladder cancer specialist who offers advanced options in gallbladder cancer treatment.

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