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The most common type of benign liver tumor is the hemangioma. These are generally very small tumors, often less than 5 cm, which are usually found during an exploratory procedure of the abdomen. Patients may not have any symptoms initially, but even though benign, some patients may require monitoring, treatment or surgery. Dr. Dmitri Alden offers advanced options in liver hemangioma treatment and surgery at our liver surgery center in New York City.

Liver hemangiomas are categorized as vascular malformations and typically are considered to be congenital in origin. These benign tumors are more common in women – females are three times more likely to have this type of liver tumor than males. While they do not have the potential to become malignant, there are often multiple hemangiomas, and the tumors can grow to large proportions.

When a liver hemangioma is diagnosed without symptoms or other complications, the procedure is typically to monitor the tumor with imaging. Removal has risks, and it is not recommended unless there are indications of fast growth or other complications. There are liver hemangioma treatment options that can manage the symptoms and health concerns, which Dr. Dmitri Alden can provide.

Surgery for Liver Hepatic Hemangioma

Liver or hepatic hemangiomas can cause problems when they grow rapidly and become large in size. The bulk can press against the stomach or intestines, resulting in vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain. There are rare complications that can occur, including thrombosis of the tumor blood vessels or rupture with bleeding. While rare, these complications can have an increased risk of death and may require surgery.

Dr. Dmitri Alden is one of the top liver surgeons in the world and may be consulted when a liver hemangioma tumor begins showing signs of complications. The most effective liver hemangioma liver treatment when there are complications is liver resection surgery. Hepatic hemangiomas that may require surgery include:

  • Rupture with bleeding (rare but has 60% mortality)
  • Rapid change in size
  • Persistent abdominal pain caused by the hemangioma
  • Nausea and vomiting due to compression effect
  • Development of Kasabach-Merrit phenomenon

If you have been diagnosed with a liver hemangioma tumor and want to explore treatment options, contact the office of Dr. Dmitri Alden in NYC. We offer in-person and virtual consultations with one of the top hepatic hemangioma specialists in the country.

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