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When removing cancerous tumors in the liver, the goal is to leave enough healthy liver tissue to support the necessary functions. The liver has the capability to regenerate its cells, which makes it unique in comparison to most other organs. One of the procedures that can promote liver regrowth and regeneration prior to resection surgery to remove tumors is the ALPPS procedure. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a top liver specialist and oncological surgeon who offers ALPPS surgery through his practice in UES New York City.

ALPPS stands for associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for staged hepatectomy. This procedure is an advanced treatment to reduce liver tumor growth while promoting regrowth of the healthy liver cells before a liver resection, or hepatectomy. The procedure involves two surgeries, the first to complete a partition between the portion of the liver that will be preserved and the part that will be removed. A portal vein ligation is also performed during the first surgery to cut off blood supply to the portion of the liver to be removed, stimulating regrowth on the other side of the liver.

Advanced Liver Cancer Treatment

The ALPPS procedure is used in both primary and metastatic liver cancer cases where the liver has extensive tumors. This is an advanced liver treatment that may not be available through all oncologists, but it is performed by Dr. Alden. The first surgery can stimulate rapid regrowth of the healthy liver tissue to ensure there is enough to support the body once the second surgery is performed. The second surgery is usually performed 1-2 weeks after the first, removing the cancerous portion of the liver once the healthy tissue has regenerated enough to support the liver functions.

Procedures like ALPPS offer hope and options for patients with advanced liver cancer. Dr. Dmitri Alden has performed thousands of successful surgeries for his patients and has a stellar reputation as one of the most skilled liver oncological surgeons in the world. To schedule a liver cancer treatment consultation, contact our office in NYC to book an appointment.

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