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Benign liver tumors are estimated to affect over 20% of the population. In many cases, individuals may never know they have a liver tumor unless it is accidentally found during abdominal exploration. These types of tumors do not pose a risk for cancer, but there can be other complications. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a world-class oncological surgeon and liver specialist that offers treatment of benign liver tumors in New York City.

Types of Benign Liver Tumors

There are many different types of liver tumors that can grow undetected, but the majority fall into one of three types. Hemangioma liver tumors are by far the most common and are also the most likely to require liver tumor removal surgery. The second most common is focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH), which is less likely to have symptoms or complications that require removal. The third and less common of the three is hepatic adenoma. To learn more about each of these types of non-cancerous liver tumors, their symptoms and treatments, visit the following pages on our website:

With most benign liver tumors, symptoms do not occur unless the tumor becomes larger in size. This can put pressure on the stomach, causing nausea, feeling full/bloated or abdominal pain. The biggest risk with benign liver tumors is rupture with internal bleeding, which can result in the need for emergency surgery.

Dr. Dmitri Alden has an extensive list of credentials and a worldwide reputation for his expertise in liver cancer and tumors. When liver tumor removal surgery is necessary, Dr. Alden is renowned for his less invasive and “bloodless” options with robotics and other cutting-edge surgical techniques. If you have been diagnosed with a benign liver tumor or any liver mass, Dr. Alden can provide a second opinion and recommend the latest options in treatment for benign liver tumor conditions.

You deserve to have the best possible medical treatment available for your liver condition. To schedule a virtual or in-person benign liver tumor treatment consultation with Dr. Dmitri Alden, contact our office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in NYC to book your appointment.

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