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One of the rare types of benign liver tumors is hepatic adenoma. It primarily affects women and rarely has symptoms, but it can lead to health complications. Also called hepatocellular adenoma or liver cell adenoma, this non-cancerous type of liver tumor can be present for many years until it is discovered. When hepatic adenoma treatment is required, Dr. Dmitri Alden offers advanced options for liver tumor removal surgery through his practice in NYC.

Symptoms and Causes of Liver Cell Adenoma

Most patients with hepatic adenoma will not have symptoms unless the tumor grows to a larger size. If it becomes large, it may cause mild symptoms such as nausea, fullness or abdominal pain. However, if this benign liver tumor ruptures, it can be life-threatening and result in low blood pressure and internal bleeding accompanied by abdominal pain.

The main causes of liver cell adenoma involve hormone changes. Estrogen-based birth control increases risk of hepatic adenoma. Other risk factors include type 1 diabetes, high iron, obesity, barbiturate/steroid use and pregnancy.

Diagnosing hepatic adenoma is typically through identifying symptoms and ultrasound, MRIs and other imaging.

Removal of Hepatic Adenoma Tumors

Hepatic adenoma treatment is not always needed unless there is a risk of rupture. It may be recommended for women with this condition to stop taking birth control pills, and the tumor may be monitored for growth. However, if the tumor is larger than two inches in diameter or the patient is male, surgical removal may be recommended to prevent the risk of rupture or other complications.

Dr. Dmitri Alden is one of the top liver oncological surgeons in the world, utilizing cutting-edge surgical techniques for improved outcomes. If you have been diagnosed with hepatic adenoma and want to explore treatment or removal, you will not find a more knowledgeable or experienced liver tumor specialist to oversee your case.

There are different types of hepatic adenoma, but most have the same treatment options. If you have been diagnosed with this type of benign liver tumor, contact the office of Dr. Dmitri Alden in UES New York City. We can schedule a consultation to discuss hepatic adenoma treatment with Dr. Alden.

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