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While there have been many advancements in surgical technology for tumor removal, there are some tumors that are nearly impossible to successfully remove. When tumors grow around blood vessels on an organ such as the liver, it may be too dangerous to remove the tumor while the organ is inside the patient. In complex tumor cases, Dr. Dmitri Alden may perform an advanced ex vivo tumor removal surgery to safely excise the tumor from the liver or other organ.

Ex vivo surgery is a procedure that requires organs to be removed from the body to perform tumor removal. This is a very complicated surgery that requires specialized equipment and advanced training to complete successfully. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a highly skilled and seasoned oncological surgeon who has the expertise to perform “ex vivo” (outside of the body or patient) surgery for tumor removal. These surgeries are performed at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, one of the few medical centers in the world where advanced ex vivo tumor removal can be completed.

Complex Pancreatic and Liver Tumor Surgery

To carefully extract a tumor that is embedded within the blood vessels on the liver or pancreas or has other complications, Dr. Alden may recommend advanced ex vivo tumor removal. The ex vivo technique can be used on up to six different organs, including the liver and pancreas. In some cases, ex vivo surgery is used when it is impossible to remove the tumor without harming other tissue or organs surrounding the affected organ.

Every ex vivo case is unique and requires extensive planning and preparation for a safe and successful outcome. Dr. Dmitri Alden is one of the top abdominal tumor removal specialists in the world, with colleagues that are also at the top of their fields. In many ex vivo surgeries, multiple specialists will be involved in the planning and performance of the procedure.

If you are living with a complex abdominal tumor, seek the medical advice of Dr. Dmitri Alden. Contact our clinic in UES Manhattan to schedule a consultation to discuss if advanced ex vivo tumor removal or other treatments are options for your case.

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