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There have been incredible innovations made in the medical field, including advanced surgical procedures for abdominal cancers. Tumors and invasive cancers of the vital organs that were once considered fatal now have a more positive outlook due to the new technology available. Dr. Dmitri Alden is one of the top liver, pancreas and bile duct oncological surgeons in the world, and a leader in the field of robotics and other surgical techniques. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with abdominal cancer, you will not find a more experienced and knowledgeable surgeon to head your treatment plan.

Successful abdominal cancer treatment requires the expertise of multiple medical disciplines. While Dr. Alden is in the top tier of his specialty, he relies on the expertise of his medical colleagues in other areas of expertise to ensure every patient receives the best possible care. Abdominal cancers can involve very rare tumors and conditions that few physicians and surgeons have treated during their careers. Dr. Alden and his colleagues have performed some of the rarest surgeries and offer procedures that are not available through any other surgeon in NYC.

Innovative Approaches to Cancer Treatment

Abdominal cancers can quickly spread to other organs in the abdominal cavity, which is why treatment as soon as possible is vital. Dr. Alden has performed thousands of abdominal surgeries, including extremely complex tumor removal and complex procedures that few surgeons have successfully completed. With his extensive training and experience, Dr. Alden typically prefers a surgical approach to remove abdominal malignancies, followed by innovative cancer treatments to promote management or remission. Some of the advanced procedures offered through Dr. Alden’s team include:

The first step to overcoming any abdominal cancer is finding the right oncological surgeon to create your personal treatment plan. To learn more about the advanced surgical procedures for abdominal cancers we offer, contact our medical clinic in UES New York City to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alden today.

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