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Liver or hepatic hydatid cysts are rare in the U.S. but are more common in other areas of the world. These liver cysts have been documented for centuries, caused by a parasitic infection. The most common type of hepatic hydatid cyst is the echinococcus granulosus, but these cysts can also be caused by echinococcus multilocularis and echinococcusoligarthrus. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a highly skilled liver specialist and oncological surgeon who offers hepatic hydatid cysts treatment through his practice in New York City.

Causes and Symptoms of Liver Hydatid Cysts

Liver hydatid cysts are a zoonosis parasitic disease, originating in animals. Dogs and wolves are the primary carriers of this parasite, but it can spread to sheep, deer or cattle and eventually to humans. The parasite is spread through ingestion of the eggs, which can be in the feces of animals. Hydatid disease can result in cysts in the liver that can cause serious health complications.

Symptoms of liver hydatid cysts are mild in the early stages and many patients are asymptomatic. The symptoms depend on the size, stage and location of the cysts, but some patients may experience abdominal pain, liver swelling, fever and jaundice. Complicated hepatic hydatid cysts can affect not only the liver but surrounding organs such as the gallbladder and bile ducts. Ultrasound imaging is an effective tool for detecting and diagnosing these liver cysts.

Liver Cyst Treatment and Removal

Hepatic hydatid cysts treatment is tailored to the patient, depending on the size and stage of the cyst. Smaller cysts may be drained, and patients may be prescribed antiparasitic medications or chemotherapy. Larger cysts may require surgical removal combined with other treatments to overcome the infection. Complicated hydatid cysts may require ongoing treatments to resolve the disease and restore normal liver function.

If you have symptoms of a hepatic hydatid cyst, it is important to seek medical attention from a liver specialist that has treated this complex disease. To schedule a liver cyst treatment consultation with Dr. Dmitri Alden, contact our office in New York City to book your appointment.

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