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There are two main sources of blood supply to the liver: the portal and hepatic veins. These veins are vital for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the liver to keep it healthy, but they also feed tumors that may grow in the liver. Portal vein embolization (PVE) and hepatic vein embolization (HVE) are two procedures that can enhance healthy liver regrowth while reducing the size of tumors. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a highly respected liver oncologist surgeon who offers PVE and HVE surgery through his practice in NYC.

In the portal vein embolization procedure, a needle is inserted into the liver, guided by imaging to the portal vein. The embolization, or blocking, of the blood vessel is completed by injecting microspheres into the vein that block the blood supply.

PVE is performed to cut off blood supply to the portion of liver with a tumor. The procedure focuses on blocking the blood supply to the side of the liver where the largest portion of the tumor resides. This induces the other side of the liver to regenerate and grow larger as the other side shrinks from the blockage of blood supply.

Hepatic Vein Embolization

The hepatic vein is the other blood supply to the liver. In a hepatic vein embolization, an injection is used to block the hepatic vein to stop blood flow to the tumor in the liver. The embolization can help shrink the tumor while allowing the healthy portion of the liver to regenerate or grow.

Both PVE and HVE can be used to initiate healthy liver regrowth and cut off blood supply to the tumor. The procedures are often used to enhance the size of the healthy liver and reduce the size of the tumor before a liver resection surgery. Dr. Dmitri Alden may recommend PVE, HVE or both procedures, depending on the patient’s specific liver cancer or tumor case.

Utilizing portal and hepatic vein embolization can promote liver regeneration and reduce tumor growth. Dr. Dmitri Alden utilizes innovative techniques to give his patients the best chance of recovery from their liver condition. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Alden, contact our office in UES NYC.

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