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Every abdominal tumor removal surgery is unique and may have challenges. Dr. Dmitri Alden is one of the top oncological surgeons in the world, offering expertise to complete complex procedures that few surgeons in his field can accomplish. In some cases, tumor removal may involve segments of blood vessels or veins. During abdominal tumor removal surgery, Dr. Alden can perform a blood vessel replacement procedure if necessary.

Dr. Dmitri Alden has spent decades evolving his skills as one of the elite cancer surgeons in the U.S. and throughout the globe. He is respected for his expertise in liver, pancreatic and bile duct cancer procedures. When a complex tumor removal surgery is required, Dr. Alden and his colleagues have access to world class techniques and technology to perform advanced surgical procedures. This can include using robotic technology for advanced surgeries, ex vivo techniques, the fully robotic Whipple procedure or blood vessel replacement.

Vascular Reconstruction in Abdominal Surgery

When preparing for an abdominal tumor removal, the blood vessels will be carefully examined to determine if vascular intervention will be required. For example, if a pancreatic tumor involves the portal vein, the blood vessel may need to be removed and replaced during the tumor removal surgery. As part of the preparation for the surgery, Dr. Alden will consider the options for blood vessel replacement. This may involve removing a portion of the existing vein that is intertwined with the tumor and reconstructing a new vein.

Vascular reconstruction can be accomplished with various techniques. Dr. Alden and his colleagues, including vascular specialists, can determine whether a simple repair of the blood vessel is needed, or more complex blood vessel reconstruction. To reconstruct the vein, a synthetic graft or a blood vessel from another area in the body can be inserted. If a blood vessel needs to be harvested, it is usually taken from the groin or neck.

When contemplating abdominal tumor removal surgery, you want the highest level of medical expertise on your side. Dr. Dmitri Alden offers advanced techniques for abdominal tumor removal, including blood vessel replacement and reconstruction. Contact our office in UES Manhattan to schedule a cancer surgery consultation.

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