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Patients who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the United Kingdom may feel overwhelmed and frightened. After receiving your diagnosis, you should research this condition and the available treatment options. Here are a few facts about pancreatic cancer:

  • Over 35,000 men and women die each year in the US from pancreatic cancer.
  • The average age of those receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis is 72.
  • The overall 5-year survival rate from pancreatic cancer is 4.6%.
  • Only 7% of cases are diagnosed while the cancer is still confined to the pancreas.
  • About 52% of cases are diagnosed after the cancer has already spread.

Dmitri Alden, MD, FACS is a NYC liver and pancreatic cancer surgeon serving the United Kingdom who performs more surgeries than most other oncological surgeons in practice. Because scientific studies support the fact that surgeons performing more than 14 surgeries per year have better results, he is a prime choice for pancreatic cancer patients traveling from the UK.

Dr. Alden has gathered a highly specialized team of multidisciplinary professionals who work tirelessly to give cancer patients the best possible outcomes at his state-of-the-art medical clinic in NYC.

More Info About Pancreatic Cancer and Staging

Adenocarcinoma, the most common form of pancreatic cancer, often begins as a tumor in the head of the pancreas, but it can start in the tail. Most patients don’t know they have pancreatic cancer, but initially present with symptoms like fatigue, back pain or weight loss, and many have yellow skin coloring. This skin colorization is jaundice caused by a growing pancreatic tumor blocking a bile duct.

The pancreas serves the body by producing insulin and digestive enzymes, so its connection with other systems allows different malignancies from other types of cells to form in the pancreas. Tumors can grow in different locations in the pancreas, and be benign, pre-malignant or malignant. Cancers of different types require specific forms of treatment or surgery. Your outcome will be unique to your specific case.

Staging pancreatic cancers is a difficult and complex process that involves determining the tumor’s size and relationship to various lymph nodes. It is also critical to discover if the cancer has spread into other organs or tissues. Dr. Alden uses the standard TNM classification system (tumor, nodes, metastasis), as well as many other tools for staging and creating treatment plans for various pancreatic cancers. You will be asked to undergo extensive testing and diagnostic imaging before Dr. Alden will declare a specific stage for your pancreatic cancer and recommend a treatment strategy.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment and Surgery in NYC

Dr. Alden and his team tailor every patient’s treatment approach to their unique condition, but most treatments will combine some form of chemotherapy and surgery. The chemotherapy generally shrinks the tumor in size, which makes surgical resection simpler. Most pancreatic tumors can be removed surgically; however, different cancers will require other methods of treatment. If your cancer has spread, other approaches may be necessary.

Dr. Alden and his multidisciplinary team are extremely experienced at diagnosing and staging many forms of pancreatic cancer. As a world-class NYC pancreatic surgeon, Dr. Alden can determine if you are a suitable candidate for pancreatic cancer tumor resection surgery. He will need to know all about any current and past medical conditions, including any past surgeries. Some medical conditions, such as heart disease, prior heart attacks, high blood pressure or diabetes, may affect your recovery. Some patients may be candidates for advanced laparoscopic or robotic surgery.

Are you considering travel from the United Kingdom to NYC for pancreatic cancer treatment? You may contact Dr. Alden’s clinic and speak with our surgical coordinator about travel arrangements, accommodations, insurance and more at (212) 434-6216 or contact us online. Call or message us today to learn more about pancreatic cancer surgery and/or pancreatic staging from a world-class liver and pancreatic cancer surgeon in NYC.

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