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Pancreatic cancer patients in Qatar want the best possible surgeon for their treatment. This usually means finding the surgeon with the most successful pancreatic cancer surgeries to his credit. Scientific research validates the common notion that more experience leads to better outcomes. In fact, a recent study revealed that oncological surgeons performing more than 14 pancreatic cancer surgeries per year have better patient outcomes. Dmitri Alden, MD, FACS is a NYC pancreatic cancer surgeon serving Qatar who performs dozens of pancreatic cancer surgeries each year, far more than the average surgeon.

Patients traveling to NYC from Qatar for pancreatic cancer treatment are afforded the absolute best care in the world by a top-tier multidisciplinary team and enjoy concierge level services throughout their treatment and recovery. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a premier pancreatic cancer surgeon who leads a world-class team of specialists in NYC. When you receive a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in Qatar, you should seek the finest possible surgical treatment from Dr. Dmitri Alden and his team.

Pancreatic Cancer and Staging in NYC

The most common pancreatic cancer is adenocarcinoma, a tumor that often forms in the head of the pancreas, although it can be also found in the tail. Many patients visit their primary care physician complaining of fatigue, back pain or weight loss. Most will also display yellowed skin, which is usually jaundice caused by a bile duct blockage. A gastroenterologist will typically be called on to treat the blockage and in doing so will perform an endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound, which is where most pancreatic cancer tumors are discovered.

Advanced testing in addition to the ultrasound will reveal the tumor’s size, location and whether or not it has spread to other organs or tissues, which is vital for staging the cancer. In 52% of cases, the cancer has already spread to other organs by the time of discovery. Due to the fact that this process is mostly played out in patients averaging age 72, the process of treating pancreatic cancer can be complex. You want the most advanced and experienced care and treatment for the best possible outcomes.

We depend on the pancreas for producing insulin and helping with digestion, and its connection to other major systems and areas of the body make it ripe for various types of cancer cells. Many outcomes are possible and several types of cancer that can spread rapidly are common. Every case of pancreatic cancer demands a fully customized approach to treatment, as no two cases are exactly alike.

Dr. Alden and his team are highly experienced at diagnosing and staging pancreatic cancers. Staging involves several factors about the tumor that are critical when determining the most effective treatment plan. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists will evaluate the tumor’s size, relation to lymph nodes and if/how it has spread to other organs. After using all the advanced methods of testing and evaluation possible, Dr. Alden will recommend a treatment strategy that poses the most chances of success.

Effective Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

The accepted treatment for pancreatic adenocarcinoma often combines surgery and chemotherapy. Pancreatic cancer specialists employ chemotherapy to reduce the size of any tumor before removal. Sometimes even large tumors that are not good candidates for resection may shrink and can then be resected. One treatment approach pioneered by Dr. Alden reopens blood vessels that are blocked by a pancreatic tumor and then uses chemotherapy to shrink it before a later surgical resection.

Pancreatic cancer is known to spread and complicate treatment in over 52% of cases. The accepted protocol is to perform surgery to remove pancreatic adenocarcinomas only if the cancer has not spread. Some types of tumors can still be surgically removed from the bladder, liver or lungs through surgery. Others will require a different approach. Dr. Alden and his team use a proven and reliable multidisciplinary approach to treating all forms of pancreatic cancers.

Our team of specialists are the best in their field; many are the best in the US, and possibly even the world. Together, they work to create the most effective treatment strategy for each patient, using an incredibly thorough series of evaluations before making therapy decisions and recommendations. In some cases, Dr. Alden may be able to use minimally invasive laparoscopic or robotic surgery to reduce recovery times and surgical risks. Your medical condition and overall health impact every treatment decision, and these are carefully evaluated as part of our decision-making process.

Are you considering traveling from Qatar to NYC for pancreatic cancer surgery and/or pancreatic staging with Dr. Alden? Contact our surgical coordinator at (212) 434-6216 or contact us online to learn more.

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