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Those seeking advanced medical treatment for cancer and other serious conditions often travel to obtain the best care possible. Liver cancer patients from Qatar and the Middle East can benefit from a talented, multidisciplinary team of specialists providing total care and concierge level service when they travel to New York for treatment. Dmitri Alden, MD, FACS is a world-renowned liver cancer surgeon selected as one of the Top 100 Surgeons by the Consumers Research Council of America.

Adults and children alike can develop liver cancer. Dmitri Alden, MD performs more than 200 liver and bile duct surgeries a year, and has more than 6,000 successful surgeries to his credit in the past two decades. Dr. Alden treats patients in every stage of liver cancer from Qatar and many other countries at his state-of-the-art medical clinic in NYC.

Many patients may qualify for modern laparoscopic and robotic liver cancer surgery, speeding their recovery and return to full activity while reducing the risk of noticeable scarring. Dr. Alden and his team use the latest modern advancements and technology to produce the best possible outcomes for every patient. You will enjoy a completely customized, white-glove concierge experience when you travel to NYC for liver cancer treatment from Dr. Alden.

Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Primary Liver Cancer Oncological Surgeon

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tumors are usually found through diagnostic imaging that reveals a mass in the liver. Also known as primary liver cancer, HCC is frequently discovered in patients with liver cirrhosis and/or hepatitis C. The origin of your liver cancer is of prime importance, as it will dictate to a significant degree your best treatment protocol. HCC is common, representing 95% of all primary liver cancers, and it has doubled in frequency over the past 20 years.

When an HCC mass is detected in the liver through diagnostic imaging like ultrasound, CT scans or MRI scans, your specialist will typically order an alfa-fetoprotein (AFP) marker test as well. This can provide more important information to indicate HCC tumors. Since cancerous tumors behave differently according to type, it is important to gather as much information as possible about your particular type of cancer before tailoring a custom treatment approach.

Dr. Dmitri Alden is a highly skilled and experienced liver cancer oncological surgeon in NYC who is known for an easy and relatable bedside manner. He and his team provide a customized concierge environment and treatment experience in NYC for patients traveling from Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries. Our clinic also features a talented and helpful surgical coordinator who can help you plan your trip to NYC, answer questions about costs and insurance and handle other needs. Dr. Alden is an out of network provider with many insurers. We do everything possible to facilitate the best care experience possible when you travel to NYC for liver cancer treatment.

Best-in-Class HCC/Primary Liver Cancer Surgeon Serving Qatar

Dr. Alden provides all his patients a completely customized treatment plan that is formulated only after a comprehensive evaluation of their cancer type, number and location of tumors and any underlying health conditions. Concurrent medical conditions must be managed effectively in order to provide the best possible cancer treatment.

Dr. Alden is well-versed in medical, chemical and surgical approaches to liver cancer treatment, including liver transplants. As an experienced liver cancer surgeon with decades of successful practice, Dr. Alden prefers to surgically resect liver cancer tumors when possible, as this often presents the fastest method of treatment and the best results. Delay for a transplant often allows time for the tumor to grow, often by 30% or more, and can even put a candidate’s viability for a transplant at risk.

Surgical resection is not always possible, and Dr. Alden can discuss other methods of treatment to treat cancerous tumors, which may include:

  • Chemoembolization
  • Microwave ablation (MWA) that destroys the tumor cells
  • Arterial embolization that cuts off blood to the tumor

Patients diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) / primary liver cancer wishing to travel from Qatar to NYC for treatment should contact liver, pancreatic & bile duct oncological surgeon Dmitri Alden, MD, FACS, by phone at (212) 434-6216 or online to arrange for a consultation and treatment.

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