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Scientific studies demonstrate that oncological surgeons performing more than 14 pancreatic cancer surgeries per year have better patient outcomes. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a NYC pancreatic cancer surgeon serving Panama with infinitely more experience than the average, performing many more pancreatic cancer surgeries each year than most other surgeons. Patients traveling to NYC from Panama for pancreatic cancer treatment are provided the best possible care by our multidisciplinary team and concierge level services.

Most pancreatic cancer diagnoses are adenocarcinoma, a tumor that most often forms in the head of the pancreas, although it can be found in the tail. Many patients first notice yellowed skin (jaundice), fatigue, back pain and weight loss and visit their primary care physician for care. Advanced testing will reveal the presence of a cancerous tumor in the pancreas, but often not until it has already advanced significantly. In over half of all cases, the cancer has already spread to other organs by the time of discovery.

Further workups will follow to determine the status of the cancer, how far it has spread and its stage. This is imperative in order to formulate the best treatment strategy. Pancreatic cancer demands top-tier professional care and advanced treatment. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a pancreatic cancer surgeon serving Panama who leads a highly skilled team of pancreas surgery specialists in NYC. When you receive a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in Panama, you should seek world-class surgical treatment from Dr. Dmitri Alden and his team.

Pancreatic Cancer and Staging

The average age of diagnosis for pancreatic cancer is 72. This advanced age poses some complications for treatment, as many patients will already have numerous other health conditions. Their physical health is often not as robust as in younger years. Because the pancreas is vitally connected to other major systems within the body and takes a major role in our health, cancer can develop in different cells and spread rapidly. Many outcomes are possible and each patient must have a customized approach to treatment for their specific case.

Dr. Alden and his team of specialists are highly experienced at diagnosing and staging pancreatic cancers. Staging involves evaluating numerous factors about the tumor that are critical when formulating an effective treatment plan. Specialists will seek to determine the tumor’s size, its relation to lymph nodes and if/how much it has spread to other organs. A common TNM (tumor, nodes, metastasis) classification system is used to stage pancreatic tumors, but alone it is at best an imperfect tool. Dr. Alden and his team use it and several other means to stage and diagnose pancreatic cancer tumors.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in NYC

The preferred treatment for pancreatic adenocarcinoma is surgery and chemotherapy. Simple tumors can be removed through surgery. In most cases, pancreatic cancer specialists use chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor before surgery, which can make resection easier. Moreover, larger tumors that are not good candidates for resection may shrink and be more easily removed. A new approach pioneered by Dr. Alden reopens blood vessels that are blocked by a pancreatic tumor, and then uses chemotherapy to shrink it. Resection then follows later.

In over 52% of cases, the cancer has spread to other organs, complicating treatment. Ordinarily, surgery on pancreatic adenocarcinomas is only performed if the cancer has not spread. Some types of cancer can be removed from the bladder, liver or lungs through surgery. Others require different modes of treatment. This is why Dr. Alden and his team use a multidisciplinary approach to combatting pancreatic cancers.

Dr. Alden’s team includes world-class specialists who are the best in their field. Together, they work to establish the best possible treatment strategy for every patient after a rigorous and thorough series of evaluations and decision-making processes. Some patients may qualify for minimally invasive laparoscopic or robotic surgery. Present medical conditions can impact your treatment protocol, as some health conditions can complicate or preclude certain treatments or hinder your recovery.

Patients traveling from Panama should contact our surgical coordinator at (212) 434-6216 or contact us online to learn more about pancreatic cancer surgery and/or pancreatic staging from highly renowned liver and pancreatic cancer surgeon Dr. Dmitri Alden.

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