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Pancreatic cancer is a serious diagnosis that demands the very best care and treatment for recovery. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a pancreatic cancer surgeon serving Mexico who leads a highly specialized team of liver and pancreas surgery specialists in NYC. Through exceptional, concierge level care and advanced treatments, they provide every patient the best possible care. We also provide a talented surgery coordinator who can provide help for travel from Mexico to New York and other details.

Scientific research backs the common notion that the best oncological surgeon to perform your pancreatic cancer surgery is the one with the most experience. A recent study revealed that surgeons with more than 14 surgeries per year have more successful outcomes. Dr. Alden is a world-class pancreatic cancer surgeon in NYC who performs many more surgeries than most other surgeons in his field. Cancer patients from Mexico and other countries often travel to NYC for treatment by Dr. Alden and his team.

Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of pancreatic cancer. It forms most often in the head of the pancreas as a tumor, although it can also form in the tail. Patients may first notice yellowing skin (jaundice), fatigue, back pain and weight loss that sends them to a physician for an evaluation. When a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is the verdict, patients in Mexico should seek the best possible surgical treatment. Dr. Dmitri Alden is a world-class pancreatic cancer surgeon serving patients from Mexico at his state-of-the-art medical clinic in New York City.

Pancreatic Cancer and Staging

Pancreatic cancer is not to be taken lightly. Because it is primarily diagnosed in older patients (the average age is 72), the overall 5-year survival rate is only 4.6%. Over half of all cases are not diagnosed until the cancer has spread beyond the pancreas. Due to the nature of the pancreas and what it does for our body, various forms of cancer can develop from different cells, causing various possible outcomes and demanding a vigorous and varied approach to treatment for each patient.

Dr. Alden and his team of specialists have wide experience at diagnosing and staging pancreatic cancers. Staging involves determining several factors about the tumor that are vital to formulating an effective treatment plan. It includes the tumor’s size, relation to lymph nodes and if/how much it has spread to other organs. There is a common TNM (tumor, nodes, metastasis) classification system used to stage pancreatic tumors, but this is widely recognized as an imperfect tool; therefore, it is only one of many ways Dr. Alden and his team stage and diagnose pancreatic cancer tumors.

Dr. Alden relies on advanced diagnostic imaging to determine the precise stage and condition of pancreatic tumors. His vast experience, and that of his multidisciplinary team of specialists, allow him to provide excellent diagnoses and effective treatment strategies for every patient.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment in NYC

Frequently, the preferred treatment for pancreatic adenocarcinoma is surgery and chemotherapy. Simple tumors can be resected through surgery. Often, chemotherapy is used to reduce the size of the tumor before surgery; larger tumors that are not good candidates for surgery may shrink and become accessible for resection. A relatively new treatment pioneered by Dr. Alden and his team seeks to re-open blood vessels that are blocked by a pancreatic tumor, and then uses chemotherapy to shrink it. Surgery can then follow with even better results.

In many cases, the cancer has spread to other organs, making it necessary to remove multiple tumors from the liver, bladder, lungs or other involved tissues. Different forms of cancer must be treated with the best known specific therapies that are proven to eradicate that type of cancer cells. Care must also be taken to prevent the cancer from spreading.

Dr. Alden and his team combat pancreatic cancers with a multidisciplinary approach. Every specialist is top in their field of expertise (many the best in the world) and contributes to our many successful patient outcomes. Dr. Alden is a recognized expert at laparoscopic and robotic pancreas cancer surgery that produces faster results, better recoveries and has fewer surgical risks.

Patients traveling from Mexico should contact our surgical coordinator at (212) 434-6216 or contact us online to learn more about pancreatic cancer surgery and/or pancreatic staging from world-class liver and pancreatic cancer surgeon Dr. Dmitri Alden.

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