Dr. Dmitri Alden presents at The Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum on “Surgical Robots: Machine Assisted Life Extension”, September 19, 2019 at the Tokyo Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan.

dr dmitiry alden robitic cancer surgery

Dr. Alden performs the first two robotic pancreatic and liver operations ever done in Portugal

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Dr. Alden on TV

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Dr. Alter with Megyn Kelly

Dr. Alden with Megyn Kelly

December 2017 – Live Science – Surgeon Signs Initials into Patients’ Livers: What Is an ‘Argon Beam’?

A British surgeon has pleaded guilty to charges that he marked his initials into patients’ organs using a medical instrument called an “argon beam coagulator,” according to news reports. But what exactly is this instrument, and are its effects permanent?


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