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The field of robotic colon cancer surgery offers several advantages over traditional procedures. Innovative solutions negate the need for laparoscopic surgeries. With enhanced precision, success rates are often much higher.

Reduced invasiveness is another advantage of robotic colon cancer surgery. This type of procedure has revolutionized the field. As a result, patients can look forward to better outcomes, including reduced blood loss, decreased risk of complications and minimal scarring.

Enhanced Precision

Using robotic arms to perform surgery, your doctor can complete procedures with greater precision. Intricate surgical methods require great skill and accuracy. This minimally invasive technique uses miniature instruments to remove cancerous cells.

Trauma to surrounding tissues is significantly reduced thanks to the precision of robotic surgery. In most cases, patients can recover much faster. Due to the minimally invasive nature of robotic surgery, post-operation pain is also decreased.

Improved Visualization and 3D Imaging

Three-dimensional visualization allows the surgeon to view the surgical site. This technology is used to conduct examinations and guide procedures. Subtle differences in tissues are easily identified under magnification. As such, healthy tissue is preserved, and cancerous cells are removed.

The surgeon also gains benefits from using robotic surgical technology. Rather than standing during the procedure, surgeons sit at a console. Robotic arms mirror the surgeon’s actions, allowing for precision and accuracy.

Surgical Revolution

Robotic colon cancer surgery is a modern revolution. However, traditional techniques may result in an increased risk of complications. In addition, removing healthy tissue is unavoidable due to the surgeon’s limited view of the surgery site.

The technology that gave us robotic colon cancer surgery is still evolving. Outcomes will only get better as equipment and software advance. Dr. Dmitri Alden, MD, FACS, offers patients solutions for removing cancerous cells in NYC.

It is crucial to identify the early symptoms of colon cancer. If you identify persistent changes in bowel habits, consult with Dr. Dmitri Alden, MD, FACS. Diarrhea, constipation or changes in stool consistency are cause for concern. Look for blood in your stools if you experience any of these symptoms.

Call Dr. Dmitri Alden, MD, FACS, at his NYC offices today if you are concerned about changes in your bowel habits.

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