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Endometriosis primarily affects the ovaries, fallopian tubes and pelvic tissue. However, endometrial-like tissue can be detected outside of the pelvic organs on rare occasions.

Dr. L. Finkel described hepatic endometriosis in 1986 as an exceptionally unusual condition characterized by the development of ectopic endometrial tissue in the liver. Since then, there have only been a few cases recorded in medical literature.

Liver Tumors Due to Endometriosis

Endometriosis of the liver is a disease in which tissue that resembles the lining of the uterus grows in or around the liver, causing lesions. It can happen even if no endometriosis is present in the pelvic area.

Liver Endometriosis Symptoms

Endometriosis causes pain in the upper abdomen that is often severe and comes and goes in waves. Nausea and vomiting may accompany the pain. Pelvic discomfort and jaundice have been reported as well.

See a medical professional immediately if you experience these symptoms because you may have liver tumors due to endometriosis. It would be best to consult a specialist like Dr. Dimitri Alden, who has extensive knowledge and experience with diagnosing abdominal cancers.

Diagnosing Endometriosis-Related Liver Tumors

In most circumstances, people with hepatic endometriosis have normal liver function test results. CT, MRI or ultrasonography scans are the only ways to detect endometrial lesions. But these imaging methods often show the lesions as cysts, so scans alone cannot tell if the abnormalities are endometriosis.

Even biopsies, which include the removal of a tiny bit of tissue for study, are frequently inconclusive. Thus, a segmentectomy (removal of a portion of the liver) followed by histopathologic evaluation (viewing under a microscope) is required for a final diagnosis. Then, surgical intervention is necessary if the lesions turn out to be malignant (cancerous).

Treatment for Liver Tumors Caused by Endometriosis

The faster you schedule an operation, the higher your chances of surviving. Surgical excision is usually the best way to treat liver tumors.

The liver’s natural regenerative propensity allows up to 80% of the organ to be removed. But the liver is a very challenging organ to operate on, so you need a doctor who is an expert in abdominal surgery.

Dr. Alden is one of the world’s best-known surgical oncologists, and he has a lot of experience getting rid of tumors in the abdomen. In addition, he repairs the organ using the da Vinci® Robotic System.

Robotic surgery has many advantages over traditional procedures, including less time in the hospital, faster rehabilitation, more effortless healing, a better cosmetic outcome and quicker access to subsequent therapy.

Contact NYC Liver, Pancreatic & Bile Duct Oncological Surgeon by phone or email Dr. Alden to inquire about surgery for endometriosis-related liver tumors.

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