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When a patient is diagnosed with colon cancer, it can be a very scary time. There are many decisions to make regarding treatment and the best options to rid the body of cancer and achieve remission. One of the most effective options is removing the areas of the colon and rectum that have cancer, as well as other precancerous polyps or tumors. If robotic colon cancer surgery is an option, there are many advantages to choosing this less invasive option.

What Is Robotic Surgery?

There are many misconceptions about robotic surgery. First, these are not surgeries performed by robots. A skilled surgeon has control of robotic surgical arms and tools that are used to perform the surgery. Robotic surgery has evolved immensely in the last few decades and is considered one of the safest options for performing many types of surgical procedures, including colon cancer surgery.

The robotic surgical system utilizes precision tools and computerized imaging to carefully navigate the organs, nerves, blood vessels, and various components inside the body. These surgeries are almost always performed through very small incisions and use a digital camera that is inserted inside the body. Surgeons can view the area they are operating on with a clear, large, digital monitor from images transmitted from the tiny camera.

Why Choose Robotic Surgery for Colon Cancer?

There are many advantages for patients that can choose robotic colon cancer surgery over an open surgery procedure. While not all patients can choose this option – it depends on their particular cancer and whether their surgeon offers these procedures – it is a game-changer for those that can. Here are some of the benefits of undergoing robotic surgery to remove the cancerous elements from the colon and rectum:

  • Minimally-Invasive. Robotic surgery is performed through “keyhole” incisions. Most are less than an inch wide, about the size of a dime. This means less damage to skin and tissue, which benefits the patient and reduces the scar sizes on the abdomen.
  • Reduced risk of complications. Smaller incisions can also help reduce risks associated with excessive blood loss, infection, and other complications that are more common with open surgery. There is also less risk of injury to surrounding tissues due to the precision of robotic surgery.
  • Less pain. Patients recovering from robotic surgery will typically have less pain than those who undergo open surgery.
  • Faster recovery and less hospital time. One of the biggest benefits of robotic colon cancer surgery is a shorter recovery and time spent in the hospital. Patients can typically leave the hospital in less than 48 hours, whereas open surgery can require multiple days in the hospital. Healing is also quicker due to the smaller incisions – most patients recover in 2-3 weeks versus 2-3 months for open surgery.

The diagnosis of colon cancer can be daunting, but you are in excellent hands if you choose Dmitri Alden, MD, FACS for your cancer treatment. To learn more about robotic colon cancer surgery and whether you are a candidate, contact our office in NYC to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alden.

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